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Independent development of mobile

mechanical and hydraulic applications

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Concept Development

Mobile robotics, tether or r/c

Self propelled mini hydraulic chassis/

equipment mounting platform with pto

Innovative light hydraulic drive systems

Manual hydraulic lifting & tipping equipment

Retro-fit hydraulic load sensing & pressure

regulating control

On site development back up

 Always striving to use the least effort or

energy (fuel) to achieve the given task



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Energy Saving Power Control

Coupling diesel engine output to hydraulic power requirements; saving fuel and reducing gas emissions

When using load sensing technology to control variable displacement pumps, as well as vane or gear pump set ups, it is possible to match engine output to keep pace with hydraulic system demand; therefore only requiring the engine to work as necessary and automatically shut down to idle when the system is not demanding power


Analysis & Development


Providing fuel saving solutions for mobile equipment

Fine control load sensing technology coupled with

variable displacement pumps

retrofit conversion

A conventional municipal bin lifting recycling truck could save up to £5000 per year in fuel

while also increasing productivity and lowering gas emissions    more info


                    Planned Maintenance   more info


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