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Rangelands at Cattle & Land is involved with the establishment or improvement of grazing land.  This work varies enormously from regenerating land suffering from poor past management to the establishment of grazing land on open cast extraction sites.  The latter requires the rebuilding of top soil where we use only natural organic methods to ensure little, if any, impact upon the environment.

This is achieved through various methods including:

  • Use of earthworms from our farm.
  • Creation of topsoil using earthworm compost.
  • Establishment of grassland.
  • Grazing of livestock.
  • Utilisation of grazing birds.

Experience shows that major beneficiaries of these procedures are older quarry sites having the look of wasteland with little or no topsoil present.  These are returned to livestock friendly pasture whilst causing little disturbance to the environment and established native wildlife.

We are also able to supply any part of the above,  whether for improving or creating amenity greens, grassland, wild flower meadows or estate management.

In case you were wondering, grazing birds are used to reduce the parasite burden on newly regenerated or neglected pasture.

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