Hydraulic & Mechanical

Planned Maintenance

Hydraulic machinery health check based on manufacturer's original specification

       Cuts down on untimely machine breakdowns.   

       Monitors machine performance for optimum

       cost efficiency.


       Should component replacement become necessary

       it can be planned for, not come as an expensive surprise.


       By running checks on hydraulic oil flow, pressure and

       heat at various points in the system, it is possible to analise

       the efficiency of various components, (pump, motors,

       rams, valves etc.) Patch test hydraulic oil analysis will

       further check for debris type and amount present in oil

       sample. (Checks filtration efficiency, but also will show

       component wear particles)


       The results of these tests also allow us to ascertain

       whether the system is running at peak performance and

       if possible adjust where necessary.


       Please email or telephone for further information on

       contract planned maintenance including if possible,

       machine makes and models 

                          Telephone  07758092474

       We will respond to emails within 12 hours, no matter where

        you are in the World

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