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This division of Cattle & Land is involved in the care and management of grazing livestock

It is not our intention to maintain a nucleus herd of cattle but allow numbers to fluctuate according to natural factors such as available grazing.

It is our belief that all livestock should be free to graze at will and establish its own herd hierarchy.  Where possible cattle of like ages and development should be kept together as this natural low stress lifestyle ensures a high standard of meat quality.  Given that these cattle are managed on horseback it also makes our lives a lot easier!

The horses we use do not have to be of a particular breed but must be of good disposition, willing and able to flex well.  We are very lucky at the moment with two particular characters that love the job and keep that all important sense of calm for both cattle and horseman alike.

Of the team, a blanket spot Appaloosa gelding is a 'real looker' and loves his work; his half sister is just a joy to ride but her agility makes you wonder if you've really got the hang of this riding thing as you often wonder who's teaching who!

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