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I have practised most types of photography in my 20 years as a professional – studio, sports, portraiture, landscape – but I never saw coming the latest

direction my work would take.

   On an overcast day on the shingle beach at Dungeness, when I knew good landscape shots were going to be out of the question, I started to look at what was lying around me and at my feet.

   Old decomposing hulks of fishing boats, ramshackle fishermen’s slowly being reclaimed by nature. Sheets

of rusting corrugated iron so weathered and shaped

by the wind and rain that, close up, you would swear you were looking at a coral reef, especially with the shingle backdrop.

   And the layers of paint slowly being eroded away

on the fishing boat hulls was forming multi-layered, multicoloured abstracts that, close up, resembled abstract paintings.

   In short, a magical new world of abstract compositions that resulted in photographs that, as


they passed them, viewers would ask, ‘What is that?’

   I have never looked back and find myself now looking for unexpected close-ups that turn the everyday and the unexceptional into the remarkable and the exceptional.

   I have divided my new body of work into three themes: Paint A-Peel; Dungeness Up Close; Old Glory; Black and White.

You can see examples of my work on permanent display at the Creek Creative Gallery, 1 Abbey Street, Faversham, ME13 7BE. Tel: 01795 535515.

   I also have my work on regular display at the Nucleus Arts Gallery in Gabriel’s Hill, Maidstone. Tel: 01622 690377 (call for dates).

   Look out for my work also at the Thanet 2012 SEA Art exhibition at the York Street Gallery (CT11 9DS) in Ramsgate from September 6-12.




Chris Frankland Photography