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Stockman's Coat

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Stockman's Coat

Western Horse Tack

Scythe Grass or Brush
Wooden handle with adjustable hand grips.
Choice of two replacement blades.
Scythe with one blade = @£59.00
Grass blade or brush-cutter blade =  extra @ £20.00

Livestock Tools:

Foot Rot Shears
Can be supplied with two plain blades or with one plain & one serrated blade.
Cattle Clipper
Stainless steel construction
Sheep Shears
Bow spring construction.
Horse Hair Clipper
Stainless steel
Small Animal Clipper
Stainless steel construction
Piglet Tooth Cutter
Surgical grade - accurate cut
Pig Nose Rings
Circular Rings: Self piercing/self locking. Correct fitting should ensure ring lasting life of sow.
High sheen finish = low mud adhesion.  £14.50 per 10
Nose Ring Applicator 
Heavy duty construction
Pig Holder
64cm canola - Very good value at £23.95

Id & Trace professional range
Long reach handle. Robust construction, interchangeable,  includes 6 character 

     herd mark   plate
Will also take up to 7 interchangeable characters.


Replacement Plates
6 character for Id & Trace Professional, EHI, , Ritchey or Fearing  

      10mm/15mm high characters
20mm EHI or Holt Fixed Head Slapper

Ear 'V' Notcher
Easy in the hand  -  Clean cut 8x15mm 'V'

Stockmans coat

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